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Cosmetic health care

Allows the user to "dial-up" problem with the solution
How do I smooth crow's feet? This interface is for you.

Facial Dial, see the Flash version

Aesthetic Care NY, with Visual Max NY, user selects parameters to view informational cosmetic procedure content.

A part of a medical education site for cosmetic doctors. This give the doctors a opportunity to connect a face characteristic and a procedure to remedy it.

Each configuration links to different content, images, audio and video.

Year Creation : 2012
Client's Name : AestheticCare NY and VisualMax
Web Category : Health Care
Contribution : Development, Design & Client contact


This is what the client of the project said

"Luke the client said he can't stop playing with the dial, it is so much fun. "

S. M. -Visual Max NY

This is one of several Health Care projects I have built

This user interface is a huge success just with the amount of time people spend with it.