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Avaya Court Trial

Court presentation to show evidence for a complex court trial.
Partnered with Magnais design NY.

Avaya trial timeline, see the Flash version

Avaya presentation to show the jury evidence for a complex trial. A time-line was chosen to show who did what and when, because that was vital to the point of the trial.

A compact design was used to keep the most important evidence clear and concise.

The lawyers needed an easy to use interface. The enter key or the forward/back keys advance the time line.

Year Creation : 2013
Client's Name : Magnais NY
Web Category : Court Trial Evidence Presentation
Contribution : Development, Design


This is what the client of the project said

"With the amount of evidence we want to present and the importance of the time sequence Luke's diligence made this trial a great success for us. "

Christine H. -Magnais

This is one of several Informational Presentations I have built

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