FernHealth Site

Front End: PHP, JS, CSS,

Lead developer

WordPress CMS

HubSpot Integration

Design & Client Contact

Consulting with FernHealth NYC for pain relief app.


Front End: JS, CSS, HTML

Lead developer

Full width video

CDN Azure

Design & Client Contact

Partnered with The BAM Connetion. Showcasing the many types of Redemption Whiskey

Daiichi Sankyo

Front/Back End developer:

Solo developer


Art Direction/Design

Direct Client Contact

Partnered with Korn Ferry NYC. Anchor site for Daiichi Sankyo company wide global initiative.


Virtual Behavioral
Health Care

A reconsidered WordPress site

Responsive Mobile first design

The Front End Trinity:
JavaScript, CSS, HTML5

UX Design

Working with virtual behavioral therapy provider AbleTo, Inc NYC

Ad Council

Tackling the issues of

Holiday animation for 3 seasons, GreenSock
Animation & video capture

Adapted for desktop, mobile & social

Client communications & tech consulting

The Ad Council NY produces PSA campaigns for ad agencies & U.S. Government



php, sccs and js

large scale site

Development and Design

Responsive Mobile first design

Edgemout Capital's corporate web site. Working with the DeSantis Breindel team.


Health Care

php, sccs and js

large scale site

WordPress, Dev and Design

Responsive Mobile first design

OptionCare's corporate web site. Working with the Greater Than One team.



Digital Corporation

Bootstrap Framework

Green Sock Animation

Mobile First

html5, css, javascript

Dell Technologies main web site. Built with the NYC agency Rebelion Design.

NBC Universal
Creative Group

NBC Internal Agency

Templets Created

Mobile First

Green Sock, Isotope,
Bootstrap, ScrollMagic

html5, css, javascript

NBCU Creative Group web site. Lead Developer with the NBCU Creative Group.

for kids &


Consumer Direct

Bootstrap Framework

Video Delivery

Rich Media!

html5, css, javascript

WAT-AAH! Taking Back the Streets art bottles and artwork show case. Sole developer and producer.


Illinois Museum

Historical site location map

Developed for large touch
screen & mobile

Leaflet.js, GreenSock.js

html5, css, javascript, map API

Wilmette Historical Museum Lead developer and designer

Mobile Banking

Front End Flash

Sole developer AS3

External Classes

Animation Sinc Audio

Design & Client Contact

Partnered with Monitise N.America. Customised for several banks, Bank of Montreal shown here. Demonstrates to users mobile banking functions on several telephone types.

Display Ads

Front End HTML CSS

In Dev teams or sole developer

GreenSock and other libraries

Google AdManager
   and DoubleClick

Design & Client Contact

Partnered with Ad agencies and directly with companies.

Front End developer Luke Dohner, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, frameworks.

Luke is available to develope and design, (hand code or use a CMS, like WordPress) your digital projects,
Professional & dependable, great for large or small scale projects.

Powerful & Clean

Mr. Dohner has the chops to give your project the goods it needs to get across the finish.

Finish Line

Fresh & Modern

I use modern tools and libraries like node.js, react.js, gatsby.js, greensock.js, leaflet.js, d3.js, scss, jQuery and bootstrap.

You're Fresh

Best Practices

I am vigilant, I write clean code that is well commented and readable to experienced mortals.

Experience some

Working smart

What needs to be done? Let's find the best way. I bring more than ten years experience to evaluate your project.

the smart way

Featured Display Ad Work

Advertising for the Lincoln Center Festival.
Working with Lincoln Center, I designed, built and coded banners for several events.

  • Pixel perfect layout

    Designed Photoshop comps and animated banners

  • Showcase the artists and the performance work.

    Feature the photography of the performances to sell the art

  • GreenSock GSAP leveraging

    Brought my expertise in display advertising, GSAP and DoubleClick coding

  • Compliance with publisher specs.

    Used the maximum amount of photography with minimum output file size

  • Animated to bring the banners up to Lincoln Center standards

    Increased the drama of movement while keeping it exquisitely tasteful

About me

During the past 10 years I've worked the following areas:
Front End Development: HTML5, CSS, SCSS JavaScript libraries, jQuery, bootstrap, React, Gatsby.js, greensock, PHP, WordPress, CLI, NPM, scripted animation, banners, games and quizzes. Rich media traffic platforms.
Design: Art Direction, Figma, Scketch, UI, banners, demos, pitches, animation, audio, video and photography.
Content: B to B, Direct consumer, rich media, education, demos, healthcare and financial.

— Luke Dohner / dev: lukedohner.com>